In a Landscape — News of Xianwei Zhu's paintings

25 Sep 2021, 14:00

The Exhibition of In a landscape — Xianwei Zhu's paintings, sponsored by the Poly Art Museum, will be exhibited at the Poly Art Museum in Beijing from September 25 to October 10, 2021. The opening ceremony will be held at 3: 00 p.m. The exhibition, curated by Mr. He Guiyan, the professor from the School of Arts and Humanities of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, focuses on the landscape works created by artist Xianwei Zhu in the past ten years.

Xianwei Zhu, born in 1971 in Qingdao, Shandong Province, studied in the Fine Arts Department of Shandong Normal University from 1989 to 1993 with a bachelor's degree. He studied in the Oil Painting Department of the China Academy of Fine Arts from 1993 to 1996, taught in the Fine Arts Department of Qingdao University from 1996 to 2000, and majored in painting in the Free Art Department of the National Stuttgart Institute of Germany from 2001 to 2008. He obtained a master's degree in painting and a master class certificate. Now he lives and works in Stuttgart and Clayfield, Germany. In the whole learning experience, Xianwei Zhu experienced systematic college training and was influenced by the dual context of oriental culture and western culture, and formed his own unique artistic creation route and style. Xianwei Zhu's works take the landscape as the main line, trying to find a path to the spiritual home through the Landscape. He not only absorbed the artistic style of the traditional oriental pursuit of aesthetic artistic conception, but also was influenced by western romantic landscapes and expressionist paintings. Through the capture and description of nature, his images dissociated in concrete and abstract forms. And the use of simple implicit blue, white, etc., conveys a quiet and profound poetry, forming a unique artistic style of wandering in the East and the West, traditional and contemporary.

The theme of this exhibition is In a Landscape, on the one hand, it presents Xianwei Zhu's artistic creation path and method. It shows that he has always paid attention to the landscape or nature, such as the series of works on display, like In a Landscape series,  Forget the Machine series, Return to the Roots series, etc., which fully summarize the motif and main line of his artistic creation. On the other hand, from a theoretical point of view, an in-depth analysis of Xianwei Zhu's aesthetic thinking in his creation, as well as the relationship between his creation in the context of art history. For artists, landscape not only has a physical meaning, but also takes landscape as a medium to express the cultural scenery in one's heart. His works not only have a distinct personal style, but also have a humanistic spirit that penetrates the personal style.

The Poly Art Museum focuses on a large number of new works by artist Xianwei Zhu and nearly 40 works, including oil painting, acrylic and other forms. From the German landscape to the Chinese mountains and rivers to the inner landscape, it enriches Xianwei Zhu's recent artistic thinking.

In a landscape — Xianwei Zhu's paintings
Host :  Poly Art Museum
25 September to 10 October, 2021
Location : Poly Art Museum 
10th floor, Poly Plaza, No.1 Chaoyangmen North Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Curator : Guiyan HE
Exhibition Planning : Junchun WANG Yi SUN
Exhibition Execution : Xinying LI
Media Publicity : Xiao LIU
Exhibition Design : BEING Art & Design
Spatial Arrangement : Beijing Yuetcn Culture Media Co., LTD